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Applicateka is the ultimate service for smartphones.

It provides the user with direct access to thousands of content for his mobile phone: games, videos, backgrounds for whatsapp, activities and premium downloads.


Applicateka is an enhanced and upgraded service featuring the latest developments on the market.


As we're improvement-driven, we've decided to update this service to give you even more added value.


The new Applicateka offers much more content, while also more diverse and better grouped: thousands of images, wallpapers, videos, apps and games.


It is also a further step towards transparency in payment and the subscription process through Direct Billing payment.


The new Applicateka comes with an app available for Android users, as well as access for all types of users via mobile web.


GIANT MOBILE updates, tests and adapts applicateka content each week with the aim of providing the added-value service that users demand.


Added value for the user

Web subscription service for smartphones that provides users with access to loads of new content and premium content, currently available for a one-off payment on Google Play and to which Applicateka users can secure unlimited access at no extra cost while their subscription is active. Applicateka is renowned for the quantity and quality of content available, the transparency and security of subscription payment and the possibility of access via two platforms: the app for Android users or the responsive website for all operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.


Varied content

Applicateka contains games, backgrounds, wallpapers, apps, utilities, videos and much more content.

Self-developed content

Applicateka includes self-developed content and personalised content from GIANT MOBILE.

Grouped content

All content is categorised and grouped for ease of access.

Exclusive Premium Content

It includes a great deal of content which would normally have to be paid for individually, but on Applicateka the user enjoys unlimited access at no extra cost.

Reviewed and updated content

Content is regularly reviewed, tested and updated.


Direct Billing Payment

Giant Mobile has a complete transparency policy when it comes to service fees and payment methods.

Secure and reliable payment

Direct Billing is one of the most secure payment methods both for the operator and for the user.

Weekly subscription

El usuario aceptará el pago de una suscripción por el periodo de una semana (7días), tras los cuales podrá Cancelar el servicio si así lo desea.


Applicateka web and Applicateka mobile

Applicateka will be accessible through a responsive website designed for access from mobile devices. What's more, Android users will have the added value of being able to access directly from an app.

Device-adapted content

El usuario verá sólo el contenido compatible con su dispositivo (Android, iOS, Blackberry o Windows Mobile)


Online games in HTML5 for maximum compatibility with all devices

Cancellation of all services

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